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John C. Moultrie, MD | Personalized Family Medicine Physician | Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Moultrie Medical

A Concierge Family Medical Practice

Experience the benefits of
concierge medicine

  • Little to no waiting
  • Longer, unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 direct communications
  • Focus on disease prevention and wellness

Our Approach

At Moultrie Medical, our mission is to provide exceptional primary care with a special focus on the applied science of longevity, health optimization, and prevention of chronic disease. We are a membership based clinic, also known as concierge medicine, which allows us to provide extended office visits, same or next-day appointments, and 24/7 direct communications with your physician via text, phone, or email.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that each individual is distinct, and we take the necessary time to listen and truly understand your specific needs. This deep understanding enables us to craft a personalized health plan aimed at not only extending your lifespan but also enhancing your overall quality of life.

 We use a more proactive framework than traditional primary care in determining your health risks. This includes some of the most advanced technology available for assessing your susceptibility to heart disease, cancer, dementia, and metabolic dysfunction. We also draw from the fields of functional and integrative medicine in caring for the whole person and firmly believe that your physical health is intricately connected to your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Some of the Benefits You Will Receive

Little to
no waiting

Longer, unhurried appointments

24/7 direct communications

Dexa Body
Composition Scan

VO2 Max

Metabolic Rate

What is Concierge Medicine?

The Way Medicine Used to Be… But Better

In a concierge medicine practice, also known as a membership medicine practice, doctors make a commitment to limit the number of patients they see to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient, and to provide an enhanced level of care to help patients achieve optimal wellness.

Extended, unrushed visits enable physicians to spend meaningful time with patients, build strong relationships, and work collaboratively to provide more comprehensive, proactive care than in traditional practices. To make this possible, the patient pays an annual fee.

John Moultrie, MD

Family Medicine

2970 Clairmont Rd. Suite 210
Brookhaven, GA 30329

Membership Information Line: (470) 481-9455

Office Phone: (404) 236-9502

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