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John C. Moultrie, MD | Personalized Family Medicine Physician | Atlanta, GA


In addition to providing primary care, the following additonal services are offered at Moutlrie Medical. These services may be covered by insurance or require an additional cost.

  • Customized nutrition and exercise plans based on Dexa body composition analysis, metabolic rate, and VO2 max testing done in-office.
  • Optional at-home blood draw 2 weeks prior to scheduled visit for added convenience and to maximize information available at the time of visit.  
  • Advanced heart disease screening protocols including imaging and cardiac biomarkers from Quest and Boston Heart Lab.
  • Advanced cancer screening protocols using Galleri early cancer detection blood test and screening MRI.
  • Assessment of metabolic function using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices.
  • Genetic testing for selected conditions including hereditary cancer syndromes, Psychotropic drug interactions, Alzheimer’s genetic risk, etc.
  • In-office strength metrics assessment
  • Advanced cognitive assessment using MoCA testing
  • In-office testing for common infections including COVID, RSV, Influenza, Strep throat, and UTI’s.
  • Female bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Male testosterone replacement therapy
  • Medical weight loss management including semaglutide. 
  • ADHD, anxiety, and depression management.
  • Joint injections (knee and shoulder) for common conditions.
  • Minor dermatologic procedures (wart freezing, skin tag removal)
  • Point of Care Ultrasound for assessing common conditions.
  • Selected at home functional medicine testing including DUTCH hormone panel, microbiome, and food sensitivity testing.
  • Enhanced advocacy with specialist referrals and insurance prior authorization requests.
  • Supervised use of geroprotective drugs such as rapamycin.