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John C. Moultrie, MD | Personalized Family Medicine Physician | Atlanta, GA

Patient Resources

Below are a few of resources Dr. Moultrie regularly recommends to his patients:

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

Written by Dr. Peter Attia, MD

A comprehensive guide for extending lifespan and healthspan, this book has greatly shaped Dr. Moultrie’s approach to preventive healthcare for himself and his patients. 

Huberman Lab Podcast

This podcast is an excellent resource for science-based tools for health optimization. It covers a variety of topics from neuroscience to sleep to motivation and focus. 


At Examine.com you will find an evidenced-based research database for supplements and nutritional information.


DexaFit is Moultrie Medical’s partner providing in-house biometric analysis. Their website provides more information on the Dexa body composition scan, VO2 max test, and resting metabolic rate testing that are included in your concierge membership.